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The Best Bag Ever

Chris Ponsford Long Term Review

February 2012

The Ruckbag isn't just a tidy piece of kit for a river angler, it's a whole concept. The Ruckbag made us all forget about our old rucksacks and their various failings, offering something that was easier to carry, had more space inside, and was much easier to open and close when getting to all your kit and clobber.

The Intelligent Tackle Management compatibility means it's perfectly sized for all the Korum ITM tackle boxes, which I use exclusively for all my end tackle. What's more, the Ruckbag was the first bag ever that could also carry a chair! By simply extending the straps on the shoulder straps, you could tuck a Korum Accessory Chair tight to your back, as part of the chair. It blew me away the first time I used it and it's still a first choice today.

My Ruckbag has also coped with a lot of abuse. I like to rove around the rivers and will cover a lot of different swims most days. My bag is constantly getting picked up, lugged around, put back down and opened and closed. Not a stitch has come out of place despite years of this abuse, and other than it being a bit dirtier than when I got it, it's the same fully-functioning bag all these years on.

Last year the Korum team introduced the new Table Top Ruckbag, which I think is a handsome bit of bit. I have always kept my Ruckbag to my one side and ended up using it at a work surface - so now having a moulded table is well handy

To my mind, it's the best bit of luggage I've ever used, and I will continue to use it and recommend it for the rest of my angling life.

I'm told there are more innovative products like this on the way in the future, and I can't wait to get my hands on them!

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