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Ade Kiddell

Norwich, Norfolk

Personal Best
Carp 32.07, Bream 11.10, Barbel 17.06, Chub 7.02, Roach 3.02, Nile Perch 110, Mahseer 83, Comizo Barbel 16

Favourite Venue
English, River Severn, Arley. Europe, River Waal, Holland. Worldwide, River Cauvery, India

Favourite Specimen
Every fish I catch is very special

Fishing Ambition
To enjoy fishing and all that it brings.

Ade's feeder fishing success

I just haven’t had as much time as I like the last few weeks to get out fishing, work has been very demanding lately and even when I do get a few days to myself something comes up and sadly the fishing has to take a back seat.

In fact I haven’t wet a line for about 3 weeks, so with such little time on the bank when I do get out its important that I get my string pulled and most important I enjoy the experience.

With that in mind a planned trip with old mate Tom Sayer fitted the bill nicely, I have fished with Tom since he was a young lad, we have match fished together as well as spending lots of time both at home and on the bank, planning trips, sorting tackle and bait as well as reminiscing over past sessions. Sometimes I prefer the solitude of a session on my own, just me, the wildlife and the fish, saying that I also very much enjoy the company of fellow anglers, I am lucky that my girlfriend is a very keen and good angler and also I am privileged to have some great friends that are also great anglers.

For our session Myself and Tom decided to fish a small lake very close to my Norwich home, no pressure to catch big fish, just two mates fishing together with plenty of banter and leg pulling as well as plenty of tea and biscuits. Being 20 foot deep in places float fishing would be hard so we both decided to go for a feeder approach and with the possibility of a big bream or tench we had to be geared up for any eventuality.

I used the very versatile Korum Multi feeder rod with a soft quiver tip, coupled to a Kxi reel loaded with 6lb mono, for the rig I used a Feedabead with a small Quick Change Bead to mount the hooklink, which was an S4 tied to about 18inchs of  Reflo Power in .15mm diameter. Fishing doesn’t get any simpler than that and I am a great believer in not making my fishing any more complicated than it needs to be, this rig is both versatile and simple, I can change hooklink or feeder/lead size in an instant, the icing on the cake is the rig is a proven fish catcher.

I had a couple of bags of the New Sonuabits F1 dark grounbait, all the sweet smell and fishmeal flavour of F1 original but in a much darker shade, to give the mix a little texture and some attractive particles I mixed in half a bag of Dutch Master Gold, fishing in deep water meant I had to ensure the mix was damp enough to still be in the feeder as it hit the bottom, a dry mix would possibly explode from the feeder before it reached the bottom.
To the mix I trickled in a few casters and a little chopped worm.

Knowing the lake well enough I knew the area I was fishing was roughly 12 feet deep with an even clean bottom, it’s very important once you have chosen you area to fish that your casting is accurate and remains so throughout the session. This session was easy I chose the distance from the bank I wanted to fish, then cast out and let the feeder hit the bottom and with the rod pointing skywards I clipped up, after reeling in and filling the feeder I again cast to the clip with the rod held skywards let the feeder sink, I then carefully wound in slowly as I lowered the rod onto the rest. I was careful as I wound those few turns onto the reel, firstly if you are clipped up its important to try to get a few turns of line on the reel in case a big fish is hooked and secondly if the fish are in a feeding mood often bites will come instantly as the feeder and hookbait hit the bottom. To ensure I hit the same spot with the feeder I chose a far bank marker in this case a bright orange sign post, making sure the cast was directly over head it was possible to be very accurate and as in all fishing accuracy pays dividends in what you catch.

Using either maggot, worm or a cocktail of the two on the hook bites were forthcoming from the off with the first fish a small perch followed by a bigger perch and then a decent skimmer bream, from early on it was a bite a cast with a mixture of species and size of fish by the time we packed in we had a good net of fish for the few hours we had fished.

My net of fish consisted of a real mixed bag with a few nice skimmer bream and some decent sized perch as well as roach, chub and hybrids, Toms bag was much the same, but he certainly out did me on the perch front with a couple of corkers as well as plenty of other fish in what was again an impressive mixed bag. Neither of us had fish that would make headlines but never the less we both had a great days fishing using simple methods and bait.

The moral of this story is threefold, keep your fishing simple, not every fish can be a record breaker and most of all enjoy your fishing.

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