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Korum press articles

A round-up of all our press cuttings and features.

The Korum consultancy team are active in all angling titles. Check out some of their best ever articles and features here!

12 Carp Haul

Mat Woods Has A Good Hit

August 2014

Korum's Mat Woods details his latest big day ticket carp catch, as seen in Angling Times

Sprinkles For Carp

Angling Times Feature

July 2014

Korum Carper Mat Woods reveals the bait trick he uses to catch big carp quickly.

Winning Trio of Rods

Angling Times Review

July 2014

Mark Sawyer gives his opinion on the new Korum Barbel Quiver, Quiver and All-Rounder rods.

Mobility Is Key

Consumer Guide 2014

July 2014

Keep mobile Korum style!

Leaders In Feeders

Why Korum Is Number 1

July 2014

We make great feeders. Find out more about them.

Surface Fishing

Tie A Great Floater Fishing Rig

July 2014

Here's how to tie a simple rig for floater fishing.

Grub Feeder Rig

Gary Knowles Reveals All

July 2014

Taken from this year's Korum Catalogue - the rig Gary Knowles will be using for his specimen fishing in 2014.

Designing The River Feeder

The Process Explained

July 2014

Korum Brand Manager Mat Woods reveals the product development process involved in the new Korum River Feeders.

Intelligent Tackle Boxes

Be Organised

June 2014

The Korum ITM range is a design principle. Something that makes life on the bank easier. That makes you more organised. It's this simple.

Fish Smarter

Intelligent Tackle Management

June 2014

Intelligent Tackle Management systems from Korum. You need them in your fishing for these reasons...

River Essentials

It's That Time

June 2014

Extracted from our 2014 Consumer Guide. Your checklist for the new river season.

The Ultimate River Rig

Ade Kiddell's Biggest Secrets

June 2014

From our 2014 Consumer Guide, Ade Kiddell reveals his ultimate setup for rivers and big barbel

River Rigs Ade Kiddell Style

River Feeder Transforms Setup

June 2014

Ade Kiddell reveals the rig he'll be using this river season. Taken from our 2014 Consumer Guide.

Bait Attachment

How and Why

June 2014

There are so many ways to attach your bait to your rig now. Here are our favourites from the 2014 Consumer Guide.

Lochnaw Success

Gary Knowles Has A New PB

June 2014

Angling Times reveal the story of Gary Knowles' latest big roach haul


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Korum's Ultimate Guide To Barbel Fishing is in shops now. Check out the barbel master Ade Kiddell as he reveals his biggest secrets!