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A round-up of all our press cuttings and features.

The Korum consultancy team are active in all angling titles. Check out some of their best ever articles and features here!

Commercial Carp Scooping

Simple Changes For More Fish

June 2014

Mat Woods has been enjoying some commercial carping recently, catching loads more carp than before. Why? He's made two major changes to his setup!

Bait and Tackle Selection

Pon's makes chosing the right tackle a simple task

May 2014

Chris Ponsford run's through what tackle to use and when to use it. Don't be left confused by a catalogue full of rods reels and end tackle, simply read this guide for the Pon's top choices. 

Perch Problems

Phil Spinks reveals his big perch tips

May 2014

Having problems with your perch fishing? Phil Spinks is here to help! Having caught plenty of perch to over 4lb, if anyone can help - he can! 


Safety First

Keep Your Rigs Safe

May 2014

Korum Carper Mat Woods shows you how easy it is to set up a safe lead arrangement.

Screw Fix

Make Sense of Bait Screws

May 2014

Korum Carper Adam Firth reveals why Korum Boilie Screws are an essential part of his carping armoury.

CS Series 11ft Float

Angling Times Review

April 2014

Angling Times tackle Editor Mark Sawyer puts the CS Series 11ft Float rod through its paces. He loves it!

1 Man Carper Review

IYCF Magazine Tackle Test

April 2014

Improve Your Coarse Fishing tackle editor Dave Woodmansey takes the 1 Man Carper for a trial run and loves its light weight, stability and price.

Bread Head

IYCF Article

April 2014

Chris Ponsford shows why he loves fishing with bread!

Big Roach Fishing

IYCF Article

April 2014

Dai Gribble relives an incredible roach campaign and reveals the rig he loves for this style of fishing.

Lightweight Protection


February 2014

Korum Brand Manager Mat Woods discusses the development of the new PROTECTA rod Holdall and Quiver system with top specimen angler Gary Knowles.

Bait And Tackle Pouch Review

Angling Times

February 2014

Angling Times take a quick look at the new Korum Bait & Tackle Pouch.

Perch on Prawns

Angling Times

February 2014

Phil Spinks shows you a simple slider float method with prawns designed to catch monster perch.

New Korum Chair Makes it EZ

Angling Times

February 2014

Tackle Editor Mark Sawyer gives a glowing review of the new Korum EZ Chair, an adaptable chair at an affordable price.

Bag More Big Chub

Phil Spinks in IYCF

January 2014

Phil Spinks shows you what to look for when tackling rivers for big chub.

Big Bream Trick

New Feeder Fools Double

October 2013

Adam Firth shows you THE feeder to use right now for big specimen bream and roach!

One Knot Fishing

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