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Korum press articles

A round-up of all our press cuttings and features.

The Korum consultancy team are active in all angling titles. Check out some of their best ever articles and features here!

Boosted Meat Tricks

Phil Spinks Reveals His Barbel Bait Edges

October 2012

Angling Times look at Suffolk-star Phil Spinks' approach with luncheon meat when fishing for barbel. Check out his simple, but effective tactics.

Winter Roach Campaigning

Dai Gribble Talks Big Roach

October 2012

Respected specimen hunter Dai Gribble tells us about the tactics and efforts required when chasing really big winter roach.

Korums Top 5 Rig Ideas

Top 5 Rigs from Korum Consultants

September 2012

We've picked the brain of 5 Korum Consultants to find out about their favourite rig. Check them out!

Club Korum Wins Gong

Product of the Month in IYCF

September 2012

Dave Woodmansey, the tackle guru from Improve Your Coarse Fishing, has just reviewed the Club Korum starter kits and rates them as the best he's ever seen!

Time For Zigs

Sunny Days and Cold Air Means Zigs for Carp

September 2012

Korum Brand Manager Mat Woods reveals why you should be thinking in 3D this autumn to catch more big carp.

Tinca is Twice As Nice

Angling Times Article

September 2012

Korum's very own Gary Knowles reveals the tactics behind his latest big tench brace.

Top Tips to Stalking Success

Chris Ponsford's top stalking tips

September 2012

Chris Ponsford shows just how easy it is to stalk carp. Find out his top five tips and you'll be catching in no time.

Korum Impress Again

Xpert Hooklinks and Dura Method Feeder

August 2012

Mark Sawyer from Angling Times gives his honest views on what he believes to be the best accessories launched all season!

Big Rudd Galore

News Story

August 2012

Check out Korum Consultant Phil Spinks huge rudd haul in this weeks Angling Times.

Ruddy Brilliant

IYCF Article

August 2012

Korum's Phil Spinks paces the banks of the River Cam in seach of giant Rudd - Check out his feature in this month's Improve Your Coarse Fishing Magazine.

Even Bigger Bream for Gary Knowles

Angling Times News

August 2012

They keep getting bigger! Gary Knowles tells all about his most recent monster bream of 17lb+

Gary Knowles Bags Monster Bream

Angling Times Article

July 2012

Gary Knowles details his 15lb+ monster bream

Dai Gribble Reveals Grinner Trick

Angling Times Article

July 2012

Dai Gribble shows you how to lassoo your pellets to hair rigs for best effect.

Xpert Hooks

Angling Times Review

July 2012

Angling Times' Mark Sawyer gives his honest opinion on what he believes to be Korum's best hooks yet!

The Evolution of Xpert Hooks

The Ultimate Specimen Range

July 2012

Korum Brand Manager, Mat Woods, details how the new Xpert range of hooks came to fruition.

One Knot Fishing

Read all the latest features from the Korum consultancy team in our Articles section! With user reviews from Team Korum, magazine articles and tactical tips, there's plenty to keep you entertained

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