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Korum press articles

A round-up of all our press cuttings and features.

The Korum consultancy team are active in all angling titles. Check out some of their best ever articles and features here!

X is for Xtreme

Xpert Hooklink Materials Revealed

July 2012

The new Xpert Power Braid and Power Mono have caused a real stir. Here, Korum Brand Manager Mat Woods talks more about their design and development.

Heavy Metal

Korum's New Dura-Method Feeders

July 2012

The first ever all-metal flatbed Method feeder? Thatd be the new Dura-Methods from Korum. Here, our Brand Manager Mat Woods tells us more about the development process.

A Successful Test

Mario Taal's Korum Product Review

July 2012

Avid Carp's Dutch Consultant Mario Taal gives his opinions on the Korum products that he has been using in his carp fishing.

Versatility at its best

Korum Multi Shelter Review

July 2012

Check out this awesome review of the Korum Multi-Shelter by IYCF's Dave Woodmansey. It even won the Product of the Month award - one of two in consecutive months.

Go Short to Beat the Weed

Phil Spinks' top tench feature

June 2012

If you haven't seen it already, make sure you take a look Improve Your Coarse Fishing's top tench feature with Phil Spinks. It is sure to increase your catch rates and help you put more fish on the mat.


All You Need for Barbel Fishing!

IYCF's Essential Barbel Kit

June 2012

Improve Your Coarse Fishing have put together a list of all you need for big river barbel. It's no suprise that a huge chunk of the selected items have come from Korum. Check it out! 

Flat Metal Jacket

Dai Gribble introduces the Dura Method

June 2012

Here's a recent Improve Your Coarse Fishing feature from top Korum Consultant Dai Gribble. Dai shows how to use the new Dura Method feeders as effectively as possible while catching a big net of fish.

CS Rod Raving Review

IYCF review the CS 10ft Feeder Rod

June 2012

Check out this raving review of the CS Series 10ft Feeder rod by IYCF's Dave Woodmansey. It even wins a Product of the Month Award.


Floodwater Barbel Tactics

Dai Gribble's Top 5 Tips

June 2012

Top specimen hunter Dai Gribble reveals his top 5 tips for fishing in floodwater conditions for barbel.

Cracking Carp Rod Review

Review of Korum Carp Rod

June 2012

Check out this shining review of the Korum Carp Rods by Angling Times Tackle Editor, Mark Sawyer. After reading this you'll want a set!


Paste Wrapping Leads

Duncan's Biggest Edge

May 2012

Duncan Charman relies on a number of methods to virtually guarantee his consistent big fish success. Here's the paste-wrapped lead method that he uses for carp, tench, bream and barbel.

Pellet Power

Boost Your Pellets, Ponsford Style

May 2012

Angler's Mail magazine have just ran a great feature with Korum's Chris Ponsford on how to boost fishery feed pellets. Here's how...

Figure of Eight Loop Knot

A Simple Guide

May 2012

The Figure of Eight Loop Knot is great for tying in the end of pre-tied hooklinks, or attaching ready-tied hooks to nylon to your main line. The knot also has uses when specimen fishing if using quick-change setups or when using stiff monos and coated hooklinks for craftier fish.

Grinner Knot

How To Tie It!

May 2012

The Grinner Knot is arguably the strongest means of tying on swivels, hooks and leads. Check out our simple guide.

Tie A Simple Feeder Rig

Easy Rigs With Korum Tackle

May 2012

Fishing the feeder needn't be complicated. Korum makes this style of fishing easy. Just take a look at this super-simple setup.


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Korum's Ultimate Guide To Barbel Fishing is in shops now. Check out the barbel master Ade Kiddell as he reveals his biggest secrets!