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A round-up of all our press cuttings and features.

The Korum consultancy team are active in all angling titles. Check out some of their best ever articles and features here!

Anti Ejection

Improve Your Rigs

April 2012

Chris Ponsford has enjoyed some good success recently incorporating Korum Anti-Eject Sleeves into his carp rigs. Here's how they work...

Run with it

Ade's Running Rig

April 2012

During the last few weeks I have attended several shop open days and given some presentations at various fishing clubs around the country and one of the items that gets a lot of interest is my chosen rig for most of my river fishing, the Korum Running Rig.

Tie a Quickstop Hair Rig

A Simple Guide

April 2012

Want to tie your own Quickstop Hair Rigs? Here's how!

Time For Tench

Total Coarse Fishing

April 2012

Total Coarse Fishing Magazine go tenching with Korum expert Ade Kiddell. Check it out for some great tactical tips.

Rigs for Roach

Dai Gribble Reveals All

April 2012

Is this the best big roach rig of all time? Dai Gribble thinks so. Take a look at this super-simple setup that's accounted for some of the biggest roach in the UK.

Give Them Some Stick

PVA Sticks Made Easy

April 2012

The Korum PVA system was purpose built to make PVA bag fishing simple and easy. Check out this step-by-step sequence on how to tie the popular PVA stick.

Sonubaits 2012 Carp Baits

Angling Times Review

April 2012

Angling Times take a look at the fantastic new array of carp fishing hookbaits and liquids from

My Favourite Rigs

Phil Spinks Talks Quickstop Hair Rigs

April 2012

If you're targeting big fish, you'll definitely be interested in the Korum Quickstop Hair Rig range. They've got strong hooks and line, to provide you with a fantastic hair rig. What's more, they come with a Korum Quickstop already attached to the hair, for easy and speedy bait changes.

My Top 5 Carp Baits

Chris Ponsford Reveals His Secrets

April 2012

Chris 'The Pons' Ponsford knows a thing or two about carp. He runs his own mega exclusive syndicate water and has caught some proper monsters! We asked him to reveal his Top 5 baits, which he believes give him the edge.

Snapper Tackle

Angling Times

April 2012

Angling Times review the latest range of Snapper tackle

Go Sweet For Slabs

Bagging More Bream

March 2012

Bream can provide a fantastic day's action, as these large shoal fish pack to a baited area to feed. Dai Gribble knows all to well how to approach fishing for this species, with his personal best of 18lb 2oz proving his credentials when it comes to big slabs!

Gearing Up For Carp

The Tackle You Need

March 2012

Our resident big-carp specialist Mat Woods reveals his Top 10 Korum products for use when carp fishing. These must-have tackle items are sure to make a difference to your carping.

A Meal In Itself

Paste Wrapped Hookbaits

March 2012

Try this brilliant hookbait option as a way of targeting big fish like carp, barbel, chub and catfish. It really is a meal in itself!

Top Seven Spring Tips

Dai Gribble Reveals His Spring Edges

March 2012

Want to catch more fish this spring? Specimen ace Dai Gribble has some simple tips that should see your net bulging.

Rod Wins Product Award

Improve Your Coarse Fishing

March 2012

Tackle editor Dave Woodmansey puts the Korum CS Series 10ft feeder through its paces and gives it his monthly Product Award! Read the article and see what he thought.


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