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Korum press articles

A round-up of all our press cuttings and features.

The Korum consultancy team are active in all angling titles. Check out some of their best ever articles and features here!

Crafty Paste Cages

Dai Gribble's Barbel Tips

February 2012

Korum Paste Cages are a fantastic product when you want a big smelly bait for barbel fishing. Dai Gribble shows you his techniques to get the best from this innovative product.

Paste Wrapped Leads

Duncan Charman reveals

February 2012

Specimen all-rounder Duncan Charman is no stranger to big barbel from small rivers. Here, in his article for last year's catalogue, he lifts the lid on his favourite approach for this type of venue.

Ponsford in Profile

Angler's Mail Interview

February 2012

One of angling's biggest characters, Chris 'The Pons' Ponford, is subjected to a bit of Angler's Mail interrogation in their regular Inside Line feature. It's a great read and a real insight into his larger-than-life personality.

Keep Net Class

Angler's Mail Review

February 2012

Angler's Mail magazine gives its honest opinion of the Korum 3m Keepnet, the perfect net for the modern coarse angler looking for an anti-spook, fish-friendly keepnet.

The Best Bag Ever

Chris Ponsford Long Term Review

February 2012

River maestro and mobile angler Chris Ponsford has been using the Korum ITM Ruckbag since the product first arrived on the market. So who better to give a long term review than The Pons himself?

Using Korum Quickstops

Hair Rigging Made Easy

February 2012

Using Korum Quickstops, Hook Hairs with Quickstops or Quickstop Hair Rigs? You'll find this simple four-step guide extremely useful!

Korum Waterproof Clothing

Perfect for Mobile Anglers

February 2012

Angling Times look at the new Korum salopettes and waterproof trousers, to give their honest verdict.

Duncan Charman - A Year as a Guide

Angler's Mail

February 2012

Duncan Charman reveals why his first year as an angling guide has been so rewarding

Ade Kiddell - Action Replay

Angler's Mail

January 2012

Ade Kiddell reveals how using curried maggots can catch you loads more barbel

Korum Launch Commercial Range

Best feeder rod ever for the price!

January 2012

The innovative CS series is squarely aimed at fulfilling the needs of the modern day pleasure angler.

Double-figure Tench Trail

Improve Your Coarse Fishing

January 2012

You see the odd one in Angling Times early in the season. You may even hear of them being caught from a local water. But its not until you see one in the flesh that you can really appreciate the glorious enormity of a double-figure Tench. Dai Gribble reveals his tactics.

Dai in Severn Heaven

Improve Your Coarse Fishing

January 2012

Mention the River Severn to any angler and their reply will undoubtedly be: “Beautiful river… great barbel fishing.” Dai Gribble shows you how to fish it.

Korum Scales

Weighs up to 85lb/40Kg. Weighs in Kg or lb/oz

January 2012

The Korum Scales have been designed to not only fit neatly in your hand but also in your tackle bag or box.

Why I Love the KXI

Ade Kiddell Long Term Review

January 2012

Norfolk specimen ace Ade Kiddell gives his opinions on what he considers to be the ultimate reels for barbel fishing

Anti-Tangle Feeder Rig

Never Get Another Tangle

January 2012

This awesome feeder rig is used by some of the UK's best specimen hunters for big tench, bream, roach and even big carp. It's great for rudd, crucians, and any other coarse species when fishing behind bite alarms or a quiver tip.

Canal Tips

Read all the latest features from the Korum consultancy team in our Articles section! With user reviews from Team Korum, magazine articles and tactical tips, there's plenty to keep you entertained.

Specimen Cup

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