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Korum tackle is designed for the modern pleasure and specialist angler, offering top quality products that will help transform your fishing for the better. Take a look around the website for some fantastic content - from angling blogs and videos, to articles, fishing guides and of course, loads of information about our latest tackle.


The lure of a big Fenland Rudd proved too much to resist for Korum's Gary Knowles. The northern rod couldn't resist a crack at catching some stunning Rudd on light tackle. Here's his account of the session... I doubt there is a more beautiful fish swimming in UK waters than the rudd,...


Korum's Gary Knowles has been targeting chub using lures this week. Armed with light tackle, he managed to bag some stunning fish. Here's how his session went.... Its' something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but never got around to, fishing for chub on lures can be hard...


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