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Dura-Method Feeder and Mould

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Korum Dura-Method Feeders provide a super strong feeder that ensures all your bait gets to the lakebed thanks to its unique design and structure. The dedicated mould gives a tapered shape to your bait for increased casting distances.


  • CAD designed to make loading easy and effective
  • Bait is tapered when loading for improved aerodynamics
  • Non-stick finish so your bait won't stick to the feeder
  • Unique spring release system built into the mould
  • One size fits all weights of Korum Dura Method Feeders


  • Made from lead for optimum strangth and performance
  • Impact shield prevents bait coming off on impact with water
  • Weight forward nose for improved aerodynamics
  • Extra wide central area prevents hookbaits getting stuck
  • Disruptive pattern, anti-spook camouflage coating
  • Recess at front of feeder for Quick Change Beads or Swivels
  • Complete with Korum Camo Quick Change Beads
  • Compatible with Korum Dura-Method Moulds
  • Two per pack






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KDMFM Korum Dura-Method Feeder and Mould

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