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This brand new design incorporates a whole host of new features. The outer pocket now has an extra mesh pocket on the front and the pockets are all ITM compatible. There are floating D-Clips to attach a spoon net to your bag using caribener clips. Rucksack straps have a built in chest strap for easy carrying.

  • Top loading for instant access
  • Ergonomic harness with chair attachment system
  • Dirt resistant EVA base
  • Comfortable straps
  • Compatible with the Korum Accessory chair (including older models) and Supa-lite Chairs. Not with Deluxe Models.
  • Two internal ITM compatible zipped pockets
  • 35cm wide x 25cm deep x 48cm high.

Attach your spoon net with the clips provided:

Compatible with all Korum chairs with this unique carrying system:

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Here’s a quick guide on how to use the Korum Ruckbag system with a chair!

1. Place your Korum Chair onto the top of the Ruckbag. Make sure the legs and frame are nearest the chair for maximum comfort.

2. Clip the bag to the chair by attaching the large black clips to the chair’s frame.

3. Repeat this on the other side of the bag.

4. Unhook the Ruckbag’s straps from the bottom of the bag on both sides

5. Place both straps over the top of the chair and bag

6. Re-attach the straps to the base of the Ruckbag

7. Here’s how the Ruckbag and chair should look when attached.

8. Once on your back, clip the chest strap together for added support.

9. Adjust the shoulder straps so that the bag is well supported, if needed further adjust the chest strap.

10. The finished article, grab your rods and get fishing!





Item details

KITM/13 Ruckbag

KITM/36 XL Ruckbag


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