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Latex Barbel Spoon

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Designed for over-sized barbel and carp to 30lb, the Latex spoons are designed to be the ultimate in net design.

Offering the equivalent size as a 36" triangular net, the 30"  net is ideal for the angler stalking large carp, or lure fishing for pike.

The latex mesh used on both nets is highly hook resistant, making these nets ideal for pike fishing. The super-strong aluminium spreader block and frame can be pushed through thick weed, making it ideal for stalking.

  • Fish-friendly latex mesh
  • Deep mesh, ideal for reviving tired fish after a long fight
  • Heavy duty frame and spreader block, ideal for big fish



Item details

KLNETBS Latex Barbel Spoon 30

KLNETSS Latex Barbel Spoon 27


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