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KMR Reel

Korum Method Runner

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The Korum Method Runner has been designed to suit anglers fishing Method Feeders for hard-fighting carp. Perfect used with a feeder rod or light carp rod, they enable the angler to leave the reel on freespool. No more lost rods!
Available in two sizes:3000 and 4000.
■ Micro adjustable Front Drag
■ Adjustable freespool system
■ Lightweight graphite body
■ Short spigot for easy casting
■ Soft touch ergonomic handle
■ Spare graphite spool
■ 5.1:1 Gear Ratio
■ 6 Ball Bearings
KMR 3000 Line Capacity
200m / 0.26mm line / 250yds / 8lb line
KMR 4000 Line Capacity
250m / 0.26mm line / 275yds / 8lb line



Item details

KMR/04 Barbless Size 4

KMR/06 Barbless Size 6

KMR/08 Barbless Size 8

KMR/10 Barbless Size 10

KMR/12 Barbless Size 12

KMR/14 Barbless Size 14

KMRB/04 Barbed Size 4

KMRB/06 Barbed Size 6

KMRB/08 Barbed Size 8

KMRB/10 Barbed Size 10

KMRB/12 Barbed Size 12

KMRB/14 Barbed Size 14

Barbel Roving

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