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Neoteric rods have won numerous plaudits over the last few years due to their fantastic performance.

The latest Neoteric XS range continues on from that success, by offering the perfect combination of performance, reliability and incredible value for money.

They are the ideal rods for the modern angler who targets a wide ranging species of fish at a multitude of different venues.

Neoteric XS 12ft Multi Quiver
Supplied with a 2oz quiver tip and a 1.5lb hollow tip, the Multi Quiver has been developed to cover the majority of tactics used on stillwaters and smaller rivers. Featuring a semi-fast through action, with reserves of power in the butt and forgiving tips – a combination that provides fantastic casting performance yet allows the use of light hook lengths and smaller hooks.
Line Rating: 4lb – 10lb.

Neoteric XS 12ft Multi Quiver Power
Supplied with a 4oz quiver tip and a 1.75lb hollow tip, the Multi Quiver Power is a really versatile rod that has been developed for targeting larger rivers, with big chub and barbel, and is equally suited to fishing stillwaters for tench and bream. Featuring a powerful through action, but with a forgiving tip, to absorb any lunges at the net.
Line Rating: 4lb – 12lb.

Neoteric XS 12ft Twin Top
Supplied with two hollow tips - 1.25lb and 1.5lb.  Each one blends perfectly into the butt and provides a fantastic through action. The 1.25lb tip is ideal for light stillwater work as well as trotting big floats on rivers.
The more powerful 1.5lb tip is perfect for light carp fishing on smaller venues, or targeting barbell and chub on rivers.
Line rating: 4lb – 10lb

Neoteric XS 12ft Twin Top Power
The Twin Top Power has a fantastic through action with plenty of power in the butt, comes supplied with two hollow tips - 1.75lb and 2.2lb. The 1.75lb tip is ideal when targeting barbel, tench and bream on the feeder. The more powerful 2.2lb tip is best for big rivers and reservoirs, when casting larger leads and feeders is required for targeting barbel, carp and big bream.
Line Rating: 4lb – 12lb

Neoteric XS 11ft Power Float
This 11ft two-piece float rod is an absolute joy to use. Designed for ultra accurate casting at short to medium range, this is the ideal rod for fishing tight to islands or tackling small rivers in enclosed pegs. Featuring a lightning fast action, making bites easier hit, with a through action that bends right through the blank eliminating hook-pulls.
Line Rating: 3lb – 8lb.

Neoteric XS 13ft Power FloatAt 13ft with a progressive through action, this four-piece rod is the perfect all-rounder. Ideal for all species, it’s a float rod you can take anywhere and use for almost anything. This rod has plenty of power in reserve, yet retains a wonderful fish playing action and fantastic balance. The four piece construction means that it can be hidden easily in the boot, or simply split into two parts and left tackled up.

Line Rating: 3lb – 8lb. 




Item details

KNXSROD/01 11ft Power Float (2pc)

KNXSROD/02 13ft Power Float (4pc)

KNXSROD/03 12ft Multi Quiver

KNXSROD/04 12ft Multi Quiver Power

KNXSROD/05 12ft Twin Top

KNXSROD/06 12ft Twin Top Power


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