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Ideal for rivers

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The Korum Running Rig Kit provides everything required to create the ultimate free flowing set up.

The quick change clip means changing methods is done in seconds, whilst also providing a near friction free rig.

The innovative angled buffer bead ensures the feeder or lead is away from the hooklength reducing any tangles.

Supplied complete with high quality size 8 swivels, that fit perfectly into the bead and rig sleeves that complete the tangle free rig by providing a boom effect.

4 Rigs Per Pack



Item details

KRA/35 Korum Rig Kit - 4 Pack Weedy Green

KRA/36 Korum Rig Kit - 4 Pack Flood Water Brown

EZ Chair

Adjust the width and height for the ultimate angling station. It's the Korum EZ Chair.


The innovative Korum Quickstops are a major breakthrough in bait stop design. Permanently attached to the hair, Quickstops cut baiting time down and make attaching baits super fast.