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Korum Angling Products

Fishing Made Easy

Covering all of the major tackle areas, Korum is the perfect choice for a wide range of methods and species, from pleasure angling on day ticket 'commercial' fisheries through to serious specimen fishing on stillwaters and rivers.

Korum Carp 10ft Rod

Carp Kit

Maxi Side Tray

Butt Rest With Arm

Double Butt Rest

Landing Net Handles

Grub Feeder

Baiting Tools

Snapper Lure Rods

Tactical Bag

Adjustable Heli Rigs

Barbel Kit

Free Spool Reels

Korum 12ft Barbel Quiver Rod

Xpert Rods

Korum 12ft Quiver Rod

Korum 12ft All-Rounder

Folding Triangle Nets

Mini Grub Feeder

River Feeder


Anti-Tangle Dura-Beads

Bolt Rig Dura-Bead


Fibrespace Brolly

Korum Bite Alarm

Korum Bite Alarm and Indicator

Korum Rod Pods

Korum Lure Bag

Tabletop Bait and Bits Bag

Deluxe Roll-A-Mat

Three Rod Protecta Holdall

Beanie Mat

ITM Clamshell Boxes

Running Rig Kit - SMALL

Starlight Holder & Refills

Korum Carp Braided Hair Rigs

Anti-Tangle Hair Rigs

PVA Mesh with Bait Cutter

Heli Rig Beads

Lead Clip Kit

Snapper Dropshot Kits

Double Hard Titanium Traces

Double Hard Shallow Bug

Double Hard Mid Water Shad

Double Hard Deep Minnow

Snapper Drones - Mix Two

Thermal Undersuit - Two piece

Barbel Rods

Korum Lure Rods

Barbel Roving

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The innovative Korum Quickstops are a major breakthrough in bait stop design. Permanently attached to the hair, Quickstops cut baiting time down and make attaching baits super fast.