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Korum Angling Products

Fishing Made Easy

Covering all of the major tackle areas, Korum is the perfect choice for a wide range of methods and species, from pleasure angling on day ticket 'commercial' fisheries through to serious specimen fishing on stillwaters and rivers.

Running Rig Kit - SMALL

Bolt Rig Dura-Bead

Anti-Tangle Dura-Beads


Anti-Tangle Quick Change Beads

Quick Change Lead Clips

Quickchange Beads Camo


Invisi Stop

Pellet Bander

Line Snips

Ready Heli-Kits - Snap-Link Swivel

Ready Heli-Kits - Quick-Change Swivel

Ready Heli-Kits - Standard Swivel

Quickchange Clip

Float Adapters


Quick Change Beads

Rubber Braid Stops

Running Clip

Rig Sleeve

EZ Chair

Adjust the width and height for the ultimate angling station. It's the Korum EZ Chair.

Specimen Cup

Enter the Korum Specimen Cup for a chance to win great tackle prizes and cash! Only in Angler's Mail.