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Covering all of the major tackle areas, Korum is the perfect choice for a wide range of methods and species, from pleasure angling on day ticket 'commercial' fisheries through to serious specimen fishing on stillwaters and rivers.

Dropshot Minnows

Dropshot Kits - Mix 2

Jig Kits - Fluoro

Jig Kits - Natural

Spin Rods

Snapper Drones - Mix Two

Double Hard Deep Minnow

Double Hard Mid Water Shad

Double Hard Shallow Bug

Double Hard Titanium Traces

Snapper Dropshot Kits

Snapper Spin Trace Multi-Pack

Snapper Drones

Snapper Dead Bait Kit

Snapper Sunken Float Paternoster Kit

Snap Tackle Traces

Snapper Bung Float

Snapper Pencil Float

Snapper Dumpy Float


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Ade Kiddell

August 2012


Korum's Ultimate Guide To Barbel Fishing is in shops now. Check out the barbel master Ade Kiddell as he reveals his biggest secrets!