Here at Korum, design and development of our reels has reached new levels. Using the knowledge and expertise from our US owners, along with new Reliability Testing procedures and an individual Reel Inspection Programme, our reels have been tested thoroughly by our anglers, designers and quality engineers.

One of the reels that’s part of the new programme is the brilliant FEEDER reel, another great front drag reel for anglers who Fish For Everything.

Available in 3000, 4000 and 5000 sizes, there’s a front drag reel to suit all styles of feeder fishing. From short range Method feeder work, to big feeders on rivers or larger stillwaters, the FEEDER reel has been specifically designed for the repeated casting and retrieving required for feeder fishing.

The quality of the FEEDER reel belies its humble pricetag, offering solid build quality with a clutch that purrs like a kitten.

The reel body is made from a high strength graphite providing the perfect combination of strength and lightness.

The diameter of the reinforced stainless steel main shaft helps deliver the S-Stroke System, providing immaculate line lay. This is further boosted by the oversized Aluminium bail with a computer analysed balanced rotor and anti-twist Titanium line roller. Perfect when repeatedly casting feeders and reeling in lots of hard fighting fish.

The retrieve rate is also optimised for better line lay – a slower retrieval rate delivers superior line lay – which can be delivered smoothly thanks to the compact CNC handle with right/left exchange.

The machined and anodised Aluminium spool will last for many years, as will the long-life bail trip spring, which is also designed to last.

Another great feature on the FEEDER reels is the line-friendly aluminium line clip, purpose built for repeated casting against the clip when feeder fishing with accuracy.

The Korum FEEDER reel has a super smooth clutch and precise carbon steel bearings (7+1 needle bearing) giving it all the features you need for coping with the rigours of modern feeder fishing.

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