Ade's a man on a mission! A mission to catch barbel every month in 2018, whatever the weather. Each month we'll be checking in on his results, with regular updates and catches.

""January didn't start well as it was very cold and the water temperature was below 5 degrees but as January progressed we had a lot of rain and the river was in major flood – with the heavy rain came a rise in water temperature to over 8 degrees, only problem was the river was high with a strong flow so out come the heavy River Feeders, perfect for the job.

"January's first barbel came a couple of weeks ago and I have had several since, but I have in the past found February to be the most difficult month of all.

"Looking at the weather forecast the mild spell we were in was due to end on the 1st of February with a return to much colder weather with snow forecast. Experience tells me that even if the air temperature falls the river temperature will be a bit slower to fall particularly on a big river, so with that in mind I decided a quick couple of hours this morning might be my best chance of a barbel for a few days," adds Ade.

"I filled the river feeder full of Sonubait Barbel Mix softened with Monster Crab liquid and put two broken Sonubait 24/7 boilies on the hook. With the flow very strong the fish are often close in so I cast to the crease of the main flow and felt the feeder onto the bottom and paid out a few extra yards of line to aid the feeder holding. As I placed the rod onto the River Tripod I felt a pluck and then a proper tug and the strike met with solid resistance of a decent barbel in the heavy flow."

A couple of minutes later barbel in the net job done.

"I managed another decent fish a few minutes later and a hook pull caused by the hook point being masked by debris cost me a lost fish next cast, but 2 decent barbel landed on a cold wet morning was a decent result, sleety snow was falling heavy as I packed in."