After a busy few weeks with fishing confined to a few hours, Ade Kiddell took a leaf out of his own book and proved that barbel are a year-round species providing you adapt your tactics to suit the conditions.

With the river low and clear, and after a week of clear cold nights, Ade knew he would have to fish his favourite autumn/winter clear water method of small baits and long hook links. Using a sticky pellet mix made from Sonubaits Barbel Feeder soaked with F1 liquid flavour.

Ade packed his Korum River Feeder aiming for a slow release of feed, but packing a huge flavour punch. A four-foot hooklink made from 10lb barbel line and a size 12 Xpert Power Hook under which Ade used two Cheesy Garlic 8mm Pellet O’s.

Ade didn't have to wait long having a bite within minutes of casting out, and hardly a cast without a fish over the next four hours. Korum 1.75lb barbel rods and Neoteric 6000 Reels loaded with 12lb line completed the set up.

“It’s vital when fishing for barbel in clear water to get the fish out of the catching area as soon as possible otherwise the feeding shoal will be spooked and drop away from the area. This set up gives me total confidence in playing the fish hard and fast in order to gain control and avoid disturbing the feeding fish.” Explains Ade.

Ade finished the session with 20 barbel with the best over 9lb.