Chris Ponsford enjoyed some fantastic sport recently, using his 10ft Korum Carp rods to great effect.

Targeting marginal willow trees, Chris baited liberally in two areas. One with just 12mm Code Red boilies, and the other with Code Red Bag Mix, loaded with sweetcorn and hemp.

"The one rod I fished 'carp style' on an alarm. I just hitched on a PVA bag of Code Red bottom baits and fished a new Sonu Chocolate Orange Wafter on one of the Korum Carp Rigs. Real simple," explains Chris.

"I had a great day's fishing, landing six fish in total."

Chris also switched one of his rods to a float setup, to see if the more sensitive setup could trick a bigger fish.

"I used Sonubaits' F1 Corn on the float, over Code Red bag mix laced with particles. It worked a treat."

Chris sat on a Korum Accessory Chair for the day, using two Korum 10ft carp rods with 5000 Feeder reels loaded with 8lb Feeder Line.

"I had a good stamp of fish. I love that style of fishing," concludes Chris.