When most think of Crucian fishing they likely think of quill floats, split cane rods and center pin reels.  The reality for the modern specimen Crucian angler is actually quite different. Bite alarms, Avon style rods and method feeders.

I have spent several sessions this season targeting the big Crucians of Marsh Farm, Godalming. As the season progressed so did the amount I managed to catch by honing my skills and making tweaks in my set up.

Initially I fished a simple set up of a Dura Method Feeder and a size 14 short Quickstop hair rig, whilst this caught fish, I felt I could catch more. The fish here are at times super shy having been fished for an awful lot. Going back to my carp angling days one of the little edges I liked to use was a flying back lead to keep the mainline pinned down out of the way of wary carp. 

Preston Innovations make some lovely little match-style flying back leads so one of these was added to the set up. the best way to fish them is to place a rubber line stop a foot above the feeder and sit the back lead on top, keeping it away from the feeder aids the back lead in flying up the line.

The next change was to drop a bait and hook size down to a size 16 hook and 8mm Mixed Method boilies, the little yellow pineapple Method boilies from Sonubaits were the most effective. A tip here with the hard method boilies and that's to drill them out with a Korum bait drill, this will prevent them splitting when using a Quickstop. Finally, I started to add more groundbait using what I like to call a Double Method.  

Method feeder fishing can be absolutely deadly. It is just so efficient at catching fish and is suited to fishing with alarms and bobbins as I have been doing.  At times a wait is needed making the style the most practical.


To make a Double Method, firstly fill the mould with groundbait, without placing the hookbait in the mould. I have been using a 50/50 mix of Sonubaits F1 Green and Supercrush Green.

Place the feeder in the mould, squeeze hard and release the feeder.  The second part is to then place the hookbait in the mould.

Cover with groundbait and then add the already loaded feeder.

You’ll find you can create a lovely deep-packed method feeder. With the lake being full of Tench, Rudd, Roach, Carp as well as the Crucians it’s a nice way of making sure some bait is left for your target fish to find as well as helping in building the swim.

These changes certainly paid dividends as I’ve had a lovely autumn with multiple catches of Crucians with more than 20 over 3lb to a best of 3lb 7oz.  With winter fast approaching I’ll soon be turning to predators but with a view to return for more of these beautiful Crucians next spring.