June the 16th not only marks the start of another glorious coarse fishing season for me but it also marks the start of my summer angling as well. You see, I was very fortunate to be the son of an angler whom not only introduced me to the wonderful life style of being an angling addict but also whom taught me to fish for the species that each season provided. It was an angling calendar of life and as the seasons changed so did the species, we pursued with our pescatarian pursuits and although my father now only fishes with me in spirit, I do still enjoy the ever-changing seasons and the fishes they provide.

It is with this thought of seasonal species pursuit in mind that I would like to look back and share with you a brief glimpse of how I spend my spring time angling.

Yes, I do enjoy the spring season carp fishing or maybe an early season big Tench but neither of these quite compare to having the mighty River Severn virtually to myself. Now before you start to get worried and think the worst of me! I merely mean that once the coarse season ends and the country starts to green up in early April I put as much angling energy as I can into the pursuit of the king of fish, Salmo Sala, AKA The salmon. But this is no coarse fish I hear you cry? Well not quite as it is still classed very much as a game fish.

This is changing though, as the EA has now following on from the 16th June 2019 ruled that all Salmon caught in the River Severn are to be returned alive to the river. For me this means nothing more than a Barbel, chub, dace or any other coarse fish you catch, in as much as you catch the fish get a good picture and then get it back ASAP. What this new rule does tell us though is sadly our world is a rapidly changing place and the Salmon is another creature struggling in the modern world in which we live. Time is ticking people and this iconic fish of the Severn will simply not be here for ever.

So, for nothing more than a migratory fish rod license you too can have the river and its iconic fish virtually to yourself for the spring. No tweed breeks or fancy fly-fishing gear is needed just your standard heavy-duty predator lure kit, Korum snapper gear is my favourite coupled with the new Axis 4000 reel. Loaded up with braid and a quality flouro carbon leader and your away free to roam your favourite club stretch in search of those silver torpedoes that make their assent of some of the country’s most famous rivers.

If I have not convinced you yet to have a bash at these anadromous fish, then let me tantalise you even more with tales of their great power. A Salmon only returns to fresh water to breed, his sole intention is reproducing and then either die or try to return to the ocean. Their journey from feeding grounds to spawning reds can take months or even a year. A spring Severn or Wye salmon will come packed with enough muscle and energy to not only survive this great fast but also to power up and through any obstacle that crosses their path, this is why a spring salmon is the true definition of brutal power. Hook into one of these creatures and their strength and stamina will stay with you for life, no other fish has its speed and aggression.

If you are true lure angler and relish the contact sport that is high octane lure angling, then spare some angling time next spring and come and enjoy the river at it best and the fish at their most powerful.