With June 16th just  weeks away it’s time to make preparations for the new river season. The traditional closed season is not just on rivers but many other waters too, some clubs maintain this 3 month rest of their waters to once again let nature take its course and other venues can be closed as they are areas of special scientific interest. What ever the reason now is the time to get organised.
Whilst many of my Korum pals are longing to get back down the river after hard fighting barbel my own plans have taken a different path. I’ll be after a Carp on June 16th.
On a few occasions last winter I pike fished a wide drain, this has a closed season as it connects to a river. When we have had a lot of rain the drain flows as the lock gates to the river are opened. It was on one of these trips last November that I spotted carp rolling, a sight indeed on this wild bit of water. One day i bumped into the land owner, he told me that at one time there was no lock and the drain was just open on to the river and the carp would come up out of the main flow enjoying the stillness. When the lock went in these fish remained along with many other species.
So my own preperation for June 16th started a few weeks back. Ive walked a few mile of the drain twice a week and found a nice area where I have seen some carp, none are monsters, mostly commons between 10 and 15lb, but there is the odd bigger.

Ive baited the area with some Code Red boilies and 10mm pellets. I’ll pop down a few more times before the start to keep the spot primed, hopefully one or two fish will like my offerings and stay in the area.

I like a plan, and to have a goal. The goal is obviously to catch a carp, this will come im sure, if not on opening day then soon after. The plan as mentioned is to keep looking and keep baiting, that’s the bankside plan. I also have had a plan for at home, so making the most of Lockdown ive stripped old line off reels and replaced with new, this will get done a few times over the season as line perishes with use. Ive tied new rigs and placed these in Korum rig managers. I hope to do some stalking with the 10ft opportunist rods but when I target the baited area It’ll likely be a waiting game so I’ll be using bite alarm, these have all received new batteries. Being a long old walk Ive sorted a set of luggage especially suited, a Transition day sack, clipped to this will be my Fast Mat. Inside I have a couple of Eva pouches with just the essential terminal tackle bits, a rig manager, a set of scales and a packaway sling. On the day I’ll add a bag of bait, tub of pop ups, some nibbles and a drink. To carry the pair of 10ft opportunists, net, handle, banksticks etc I’ll use a Korum Quiver. Lastly the Aeronium lightweight chair completes the set, its so light you can carry it for miles.

So that’s me almost ready for June 16th, here’s hoping for a wild old common or ancient looking mirror.  I wish you all a great season and let’s see those catch pics at Get Fishing.

Kevin Durman.