Years ago, Korum developed the first 'flatbed' style Method feeders with inventor, Andy Findlay. The idea was to develop a feeder that presented the hookbait on one side, with the weight below on the lakebed. It has since become the number one tactic in the UK, on match venues, commercial fisheries and pleasure fishing venues.

Above: Andy Findlay with a Preston Innovations flatbed feeder. The concept is mega popular!

Since those early days, the original Korum feeder had remained the same with sister brand Preston Innovations developing new flatbed feeders that better suited match-style approaches.

For the general angler, however, something tougher was required and we decided to take a look at the concept again, honing it for the modern coarse angler.

We had a few ideas kicking around to offer more space in the centre of the feeder, as well as thoughts revolving around an impact shield to prevent bait coming off on the cast. We wanted to do some heavier feeders that could be cast 100yds in the right hands. So many ideas!

Good job our development team at Korum is incredible. There's a core of inventive, innovative and creative people who are always striving to do something better and develop new, exciting tackle. Some of the long-standing members of the team are arguably the reason why we've been so successful and developed so many market-leading products. And it was their idea to make a flatbed feeder from lead and other metals that brought us to the new Dura-Method Feeder and mould.

Plastic has always had tolerances and unfortunately every now and again your flatbed feeder would lose a fin or two and give up the ghost. With the Dura-Method Feeder, this isn't an issue.

Not only are the Dura-Methods made from metal, but we've been able to coat them in an impressive flecked camouflage, a really disruptive pattern that won't spook fish.

Above: The feeders have a recess for a Quick Change Bead and a totally compatible mould.

You'll note that the central chamber is indeed larger. By changing the fins to vertical curves instead of horizontal straps across the feeder, it's given enough space for baits up to 15mm. Popular sized baits!

We've also included an impact shield, which doubles up as a weight-forward nose to dramatically improve casting. The Mould is also shaped in a way to taper the bait payload, again increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of the loaded feeder.

Above: The tapered shape created by the mould increases casting accuracy and distances.

The hole at the front of the feeder is moulded in a way that a Quick-Change bead (which comes in every feeder pack) slots neatly inside, hiding it. Just another neat little touch! The inserts also take a size 8 swivel for those wanting to semi-fix the feeder - a tactic our consultancy team are already using for big carp, bream, tench and barbel when using scalded pellets around the feeder.

Above: The Mould works with groundbait and softened pellets. Perfect!

You'll also see the Mould is quite different to most. The rear of the Mould is totally sealed to make it easier to use, and there are fins on the side that enable you to release the feeder more easily. There's even a small recess for the hookbait inside the mould, should you want to present it right on top of your feed.

Above: The mould has a recess perfect for your hookbait to sit into.

The Dura-Method Feeders come in packs of two (who buys one feeder at a time?) with two Quick-Change Beads. They're available in 30g, 45g and 60g. (That's 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz for the old school lads.)

You can also buy a 30g Feeder & Mould with a Quick-Change bead, to get the perfect moulded presentation.

Mat Woods

Above: Who buys one feeder at a time?