After a busy morning at work moving pellets, I decided I'd have a couple of hours fishing before collecting the kids from nursery!  Jumping in a swim I had previous success from, I cast out my Korum Easy Method Feeders and threw a few handfuls of feed down the edge against the reeds away from where I was fishing - I would keep my eye on this baited area.

30 minutes into the short session I banked a 26lb mirror carp on the feeder. This one couldn’t resist an 8mm Sonubaits Oozing Boilies. I then saw the margin spot fizzing.

I set up my 12ft Float rod and attached a pre-tied pole rig for ease. A pole float offers great bite detection when fishing for shy biting species such as crucian carp. Shortly after I caught a 3lb carp. I re-baited my feeders and left the spot alone for a while.

With ten minutes fishing time left, I decided to give it another go on the float in the margin. The fizzing was back and again a quick bite followed, I knew this was a crucian from its tell-tale fight. In the net, it looked huge! At 4lb 1oz it's a new PB for me and is also the new venue record.