Having made the long drive down to Kent to target specimen Tench, Korum's Rob Thompson got quite a surprise when a fish weighing nearly 50lb rolled into his net! Here's his account of this impressive capture...

I'd made the three hour drive south to fish a gravel pit for its big tench. Arriving on Thursday morning I saw a few fish rolling and bubbling and so decided to plump for that area. I found a bar at 50yds and baited it with a mixture of Sonubaits F1 pellet in 2 and 4mm mixed with their Super Carp groundbait, hemp and maggots.

I didn't have a bite all of the first day but lost a fish during the night. At first light Friday I had a screaming take and hit into a fish which came steadily towards me without too much bother. When close in it kited straight through a marginal tree and I was forced to drag it out still thinking it was a tench!

At first glimpse I thought it might be a 30lb+ carp, but was still confident that it would fit in my tench net, only when it got closer did I realise just how big it was and I was forced to ditch the pan net and clamber up the bank for my carp net which I carry in case of emergencies.

A lake record, 47lb common caught on Tench gear! 

My 40lb scales bottomed out without the fish even lifting off of the mat but fortunately there was a carp angler close by and I had to wake him up to borrow his scales.The fish weighed 47lb Various carp anglers came round for a chat during the day and I was told on a couple of occasions that there is a fairly low stock of carp. Some people go whole seasons without catching one and also that the 47 was a new lake record.

Later that afternoon the tench arrived and I landed six in a mad couple of hours including another PB at 9lb 11oz! At dawn on Saturday I had another PB, 9lb 1oz male this time! At first light on Sunday I was awoken to another screaming take which resulted in another carp at 27lb 11oz and unbelievably just after I had returned that fish I had another mirror of 25lb 8oz.

This 9lb 1oz Male was the Bigget Male Tench that i have caught! 

All of the carp and the big male took an 8mm Sonubaits Pineapple Oozing Boilie, the other tench were on artificial maggots. All were fished on a size 12 Korum Specimen Hook to 8lb braided hooklink of 4 inches long and attached to a Korum Adjustable Heli Rig. 12lb main line and 1.75 test curve Korum Xpert rods.