We’ve picked the brains of five Korum consultants to find out their favourite rig and why they love it so much!

These five proven rigs are regularly used by the top team of consultants under the Korum banner, covering a huge range of species they are guaranteed to guide you in the right direction to bumper catches and bigger, better fish.  Read on to get the lowdown from each consultant about their chosen rig.

Duncan Charman – The Method Lead
The Method lead is by far my favourite rig. My standard Method-Lead set up is prefect for casting long distances for huge slabs. A 2oz Korum K-Grip Inline lead is the ideal lead to mould the bait around. A short 8inch Hooklength made from 8 or 10lb Xpert Power Mono and a size 10 Xpert Power hook gives me the confidence to land huge bream from long range. I can scale the rig down to use 1.1oz K-Grip Inline leads, 4lb Xpert Power Mono and size 14 Xpert Specimen hooks when fishing for Crucian carp or other shy biting species. It’s caught me specimen fish from countless venues – I hardly ever go anywhere without the Method-Lead.







Adam Firth – Ready Heli Rig
I can’t remember the amount of times this little rig has saved me from blanking! I’m known for chopping and changing tactics, moving swims and constantly trying to get more bites. Every time I go fishing I always finish up with a Ready Heli-Kit on the end of my rods. I’m convinced that the short hooklink and weight of the feeder creates a rig that the fish just can’t get rid of; whether I’m fishing for tench, roach, bream or even carp this rig is a proven fish botherer! What’s more – It couldn’t be easier to set up. Simply slide the Ready Heli-Kit onto your main line, tie on your chosen feeder or lead, attach a hooklink and away you go. 4 or 6lb Xpert Power Mono hooklinks and size 14 Xpert Specialist hooks complete the rig.







Chris ‘Pons’ Ponsford – Dura-Method Feeder
The Method feeder is my favourite rig. Contrary to popular belief the Method feeder is not just a method for carp, and all species of fish can be caught on it. I use the new Korum Dura-Method Feeders for my fishing, their design and camouflage colour gives me huge confidence when using them and the fish are virtually climbing up your rod on a good day. Slide the feeder up the line; attach the Quick Change Bead that is supplied and your hooklink and its time to fish! I prefer to use the 4” Quickstops on Hair Rigs when using a Dura-Method feeder, the range of hook sizes means I can fine down in winter or beef up my hooklink when fishing for carp.







Mat Woods – Leadclip Hair Rig
When fishing for big carp there are certain items of tackle that I take everywhere. Leadclips allow me to create a bolt-rig effect and hook more carp. The Korum Leadclip Kit contains all the items you need to set up this rig. Once I have attached the lead clip onto my line it is time to attach a hooklink. With carp being very strong, confidence in my end tackle is a must. 15lb Xpert Power Braid Green is my first choice, its super strong and well camouflaged on most lakebeds. This is tied to a size 6 Xpert Specimen hook by a knotless knot. A snowman hookbait finishes off the rig perfectly. If I had to just use one rig – this would be it!







Ade Kiddell – Running Rig Kit
I would say that 90% of my fishing is on running water. Without even thinking about other rigs the Korum Running Rig Kits are what I would use. Specifically designed to create an anti-tangle running rig, perfect for river fishing, with every piece you need in one handy kit. Clip on a Combi-Feeder and a 4-8ft hooklink and the barbel won’t be far behind! My hooklinks are made from 8 or 10lb Xpert Power Mono depending on conditions and size of fish I am targeting; down to a size 10 or 12 Xpert Power Hook.  This is possibly THE best setup for barbel fishing on the market.