1. Add pellets to a bucket, bait tub or groundbait bowl and add water until the 2mm pellets are just about covered.

2. After 2 minutes, give the pellets a mix through with your fingers. Drain off any excess liquid.

3. Leave for a further 15 minutes to half an hour. Mix thoroughly with your fingers again.

4. The finished pellets can be moulded into balls like this, or pressed onto a Method feeder. See how...


For this next step, you'll need a Korum Dura-Method Feeder and Mould. It gives you perfect results every time!

5. Place your hookbait in the centre of the mould like this.

6. Load up the mould with your presoaked pellets. You can add a small amount of groundbait for extra attraction if you wish.

7. Push the Method feeder hard into the pellets and the mould. This makes the pellet stick.

8. The finished setup will never tangle, is very aerodynamic and perfect for carp, tench and bream.