(ˌni əˈtɛr ɪk)


modern; new; recent

Here at Korum, design and development of our reels has reached new levels. Using the knowledge and expertise from our US owners, along with new Reliability Testing procedures and an individual Reel Inspection Programme, our reels have been tested thoroughly by our anglers, designers and quality engineers.

Our flagship reel in the new programme is the stunning NEOTERIC FS reel. Perfect for modern specimen anglers who Fish For Everything.

Available in wide arbour 5000 and 6000 sizes, these freespool reels offer refined quality that’s been ruthlessly tested. During the development process, our sponsored angler team described them as ‘the best reels we’ve ever used’. Praise indeed from such a talented and experienced group of anglers.

We’ve used a high strength graphite material for the body and rotor, to provide optimal levels between strength, lightness and performance. It’s a rock solid piece of equipment, something we know many Korum anglers will appreciate.

The S-Stroke line lay system is also a joy to behold, providing superior line lay, further improved by the anti-twist Titanium line roller and computer analysed balanced rotor.

The machined and anodized shallow aluminium spool further improves line lay conditions, removing the need for backing. It also has a new spool lip design, improving the way line enters and leaves the spool. This means less friction whilst casting, and further line lay improvements on the retrieve.

Retrieve rates have been optimized to give a slower retrieve, further improving line lay, something that becomes more noticeable with the selection of two CNC handles. There is one single and one double, both designed to balance perfectly with the reel. They, of course, have right/left exchange, and come with a moulded EVA handle for new levels in comfort.

The reels come fitted with a Line-friendly aluminium line clip, important in modern coarse fishing where accuracy plays a huge part in today’s angling techniques.

There are 7 double-shielded ball bearings + 1 needle bearing in the NEOTERIC FS, meaning you have levels of balance that will last for years to come. Traditional ball bearings do not have this same double-shielding.

The star of the show with the NEOTERIC FS, though, is it’s stunning clutch. The front fighting drag and rear freespool drag are both smoother than on any Korum reel we’ve ever produced, something we’ve worked hard on to produce our highest quality reel yet.

For us, the NEOTERIC FS represents a quantum leap forward in reel design and development for our brand. With unique features, ergonomic design elements and improved specifications, it’s our best freespool reel to date.

For more information about the NEOTERIC FS reels, click HERE.