Those who know Chris Ponsford will know he loves to keep things simple. Fishing is easy when you make it that way, which is why he's embraced the One Knot Fishing principle offered by Korum Carp products. Check out these simple tips on catching more carp, the easy way!

1. Choose a good bait! Using a high attract hookbait will catch you more fish on shorter sessions. Bright baits or Oozing baits work really quickly, whatever the weather.

2. Use semi-slack lines. This not only improves bite indicator but also keeps more of your line on the lakebed away from wary carp.

3. Be patient. Good bait in the right places is all that matters. Find the fish then put a nice moutfhul in front of them. It's that simple.

4. Choose a rig that works. I use the Korum Carp rigs, the braided version is my favourite. See below on how to tie this great rig. It only needs one knot. That's the beauty. One Knot Fishing! Just the way I like it!

a. Thread on the lead clip provided in the pack.

b. Tie the One Knot! All you need is one knot tied to the Quick Change Swivel provided.

c. Thread the anti-tangle sleeve provided over the Quick Change Swivel to secure the rig in place.

d. Using the Quickstop Needle provided, place into the Quickstop Hair Stop on the end of the rig

e. Push the needle and Quickstop through your chosen bait. The Quickstop will hold the bait in place.

f. The final setup is so simple. Just add a PVA bag and you're sorted!