Out now! The Korum Roving Kit. The three-piece chair and luggage solution that will transform your fishing

This purpose-designed system is ideal for the roving angler. Simply carry the 3kg Roving Chair on your back with the Chair Bag – which fits to the chair. Carry as one as you travel between swims.

The skeleton-style quiver system that comes with the kit is also totally stripped down to save on weight. It's the ultimate setup for the mobile fisherman.

Roving Chair
An innovative lightweight chair for the roving angler.

• Compatible with all Korum Chair Accessories
• Complete with rucksack style carry straps
• Padded frame for comfort when carrying
• Adjustable Korum Accessory legs
• Compact and lightweight frame
• Weighs just 3kg

Roving Chair Bag
Innovative bag that attaches to the Korum Roving Chair.

• Outer pocket for Accessories, Keepnets or Landing Nets
• Loop attachment for use with the Korum Roving Chair
• Velcro attachments for further stability
• Large internal bag for all your tackle

Roving Quiver
A skeleton- style quiver for the ultimate lightweight rod holdall.

• Takes two rods and an umbrella, or three rods
• Hardcase tube base and top for rod protection
• Adjustable reel protection shield included
• Length adjustable to suit different rods
• Adjustable shoulder carrying strap
• Carry handle also included

RRP: £99.99