Here at Korum we like to make things easy. That why we came up with the Ruckbag design. The Ruckbag principle has never been bettered. This unique way of carrying both chair and bag has revolutionised the fishing of many roving anglers, as well as making life easy for those with a long walk to their pegs on commercial fisheries and lakes. We recognise the Ruckbag is not just a bag for river anglers; it can be a welcome benefit to any angler. For this reason there are three bags in the Ruckbag style. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the Korum Ruckbag system.

1. Place your Korum Chair onto the top of the Ruckbag. Make sure the legs and frame are nearest the chair for maximum comfort.

2. Clip the bag to the chair by attaching the large black clips to the chair’s frame.

3. Repeat this on the other side of the bag.

4. Unhook the Ruckbag’s straps from the bottom of the bag on both sides

5. Place both straps over the top of the chair and bag

6. Re-attach the straps to the base of the Ruckbag

7. Here’s how the Ruckbag and chair should look when attached.

8. Once on your back, clip the chest strap together for added support.

9. Adjust the shoulder straps so that the bag is well supported, if needed further adjust the chest strap.

10. The finished article, grab your rods and get fishing!