Korum brought you tackle box essentials like Quick Change Beads, Quickstops, Feedabeads, Running Rig Kits and so much more, but development never stops and this summer we are launching some fantastic new accessories that are sure to make their way into your armoury.

FEEDABEADS - This free-running, low friction Korum Feedabead keeps resistance down to a minimum and has a quick change clip for fast changing of feeders and bombs. Now with single profile bead for increased durability. 10 per pack.

READY FLOAT KITS - Everything you need to fish with a tidy, adjustable float setup on one wire. Two large Grip Stops are used either side of a running Bead Link Swivel, for a super secure float fishing setup. Can also be used to create a Helicopter or Paternoster setup. Three per pack.

READY HELI KITS - Everything you need to create a quick-change Helicopter rig on one wire! The use of Mega Grip Stops either side of a quick-change Clip Bead, complete with Anti-Tangle Sleeve, creates the ultimate anti-tangle Helicopter setup. Designed and developed by the Korum team of big fish specialists to provide the perfect Helicopter rig for specimen angling. Three per pack.

MEGA GRIP STOPS - These fantastic line stops have a special tapered design which helps reduce tangles and streamline your setup for casting and striking at shy biting fish. The material used means they grip line brilliant, the stops are perfect for use with monofilament and braided lines. Ideal for float fishing, helicopter rigs and feeder setups. Individually held on wires for ease of use. 10 per pack. Available in two sizes, Standard and XL.

LINK SWIVELS -  Small, strong and neat swivel connected to a snap link. Perfect for changing between feeders, ledgers and floats quickly. Reliable and strong. 10 per pack. Available in sizes Small and XL

8MM HARD BEADS - These reinforced 8mm Hard Beads are perfect for a multitude of presentations. The material used provides a robust, non-flexible bead that lends itself perfectly to a wide variety of modern specimen fishing setups. 10 per pack.