Catching a 3lb Crucian is a goal that most anglers can only dream of achieving in their lifetime. Korum's Ed Matthews managed to catch not only one but THREE 3lb+ crucians in one day!

Targeting a local carp syndicate, Ed opted to fish with balls of Sonubaits Maggot Fishmeal Groundbait laced with 2mm Fin Feed Pellets. His Easy Method Feeder was loaded up, along with an 8mm Pineapple Oozing Boilie hookbait. It wasn't long before Ed's rods rattled off!

With fish of 2lb 5oz and 2lb 10oz already netted, Ed's next fish was a very pleasant surprise, a 3lb 2oz crucian, followed quickly by a 3lb 4oz fish!

"I stocked these fished a few years ago at around an inch long. To see them now over the 3lb is a great feeling. I wonder how big the can grow now!" smiles Ed.

After my friend arrived to take the pictures of my brace, one of my rods rattled off again. This time a fish but larger and round hit the net. On the scales this fish weighed 3lb 13oz! Another new PB!