Camo Bolt & Run Kit - Explained

For many years now I have used a running setup in my barbel fishing, Why I hear you ask, well to put it simply I just find it safer for the fish.

In the event of getting cut off which can happen from time to time, as I’m sure most of us have experienced, I’m safe in the knowledge that the fish attached to the end can get away safely without trailing a big heavy lead or feeder behind it.

I love the bonus of having a bolt effect setup, but for me I think a standard lead clip can be deadly in the wrong hands, let me explain!

As we know lead clips operate with a tail rubber that keeps your lead/feeder attached in a fixed position, there are a few downsides to this however.
If you force the rubber on to hard the fish could have a hard time shaking the lead, if you get cut off or snagged this could potentially leave the fish tethered.
If you don’t push the tail rubber on enough you could end up losing feeders and leads all day which is going to get expensive.

After many hours thinking about a safe alternative which wouldn’t cost you a fortune in leads, we came up with the Bolt and Run Kit.

At first glance you would probably mistake it for one of our Running Rig Kits, but take a closer look and you will see the angled buffer bead has some differences.

The angled buffer bead is different in shape and features a raised angled bump which allows the run ring to slot over the top of it, this keeps the lead or feeder in a fixed position like a lead clip.

Not only does it prevent separation between the lead and hooklink, especially when using pva bags, it also gives you the same bolt effect as a lead clip.
You will notice the bead itself isn’t made from plastic like a normal lead clip, its actually made from a heavy-duty PVC material which gives it a soft feel.

The bead is designed to keep your running ring in position until you get a take.
Once the line is pulled tight the fish can shake the lead/feeder free with ease causing it to run away from the fish.
With the bolt and run kit you can now use a bolt rig setup with piece of mind, knowing if you get cut off the fish can shake the lead with ease and is free to go on its way.

The Bolt and run kit is not just for Barbel fishing, it's excellent anti-tangle properties make it a great addition to your carp fishing armoury too.

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