How to Set Up a Deadbait Rig for Pike

New to pike fishing? not sure how to setup a deadbait rig? Don't worry we have you covered.

Here's a list of tackle items you will need to get started


The first thing you will need to do is attach your Float Stop Kit. The Float Stop Kit is used to set the depth of the float, simply feed your mainline throught the wire loop and pull the components onto the mainline. Once this is done you can slide the stop up or down to set the depth of the float, keep adjusting the depth till your float cocks nicley on the surface.


The next step is to thread on your Float of choice, we have a few different styles to choose from.


Once your happy with your choice of float slide on your Quick Change Weight sleeve and attach the weight you require to cock the float.


The next step is to attach your wire trace to the mainline, i prefer to use a grinner knot for this. Last but not least add the deadbait of your choice.


If you're going pike fishing for the first time then for your safety and the fishes safety please go with someone with pike fishing experience, catching pike is the easy part, unhooking them safely whilst keeping your fingers out of harms way takes a bit more practice. You shouldnt fish for predators unless you are confident you can unhook them.

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