New Barbel Rods

It’s been almost 7 years since the launch of the Korum barbel rods, they have been one of our most successful items of tackle to date, I think that’s mainly due to how well they perform for the price, Costing as little as £49.99.

If you have a set of our old barbel rods that are perhaps looking a little tired and are ready to be updated then you will be pleased to know that we have some new and updated barbel rods heading your way just in time for the season ahead, and we believe they are even better than their predecessors.

Our New Barbel rods have been customised to suit the needs of the modern big-fish river angler. All of the rods in the range come complete with white tips, this is really handy for the barbel angler that likes to fish without alarms and likes to watch the tip. The white tips really help when It comes to bite detection, especially against certain backdrops.

Our new barbel rods also feature tough SIC lined guides, slim cork handles, and an anti-frap tip guide to help prevent crack offs.

There will be four rods in the range from 1.75tc up to 2.5tc, so let’s take a look at them individually to help give you some guidance when choosing your new rod.

First up we have an 11’ 1.75tc model, this particular rod is perfect for smaller rivers and big barbel, the reduced length of the rod makes it easier to get into tighter swims, but it has plenty of backbone to pull fish away from any snags that may be present and is capable of casting weights up to 5oz.

Next, we have the 12ft 1.75tc rod, this rod is a superb allrounder which can be used on most rivers all over the country in good river conditions. Capable of casting weights up to 5oz, with plenty of backbone for playing big barbel.

Next up is the 12ft 2lb version, this rod is perfect for fishing in more challenging conditions when the river is carrying extra water and casting weights of up to 6oz are needed.

And last but not least we have the 2.5tc rod, this model is excellent for casting weights and feeders up to 8oz, its ideal for fishing big rivers such as the Trent when you are not only fishing for huge barbel but you are fishing in extremely challenging conditions with snags present and banks that are fit to burst. This rod can handle it all!

Not only do the new barbel rods perform better I’m sure you will all agree they look the part too, the new models have been brought right up to date with some modern styling making them look way more expensive than they actually are, and with prices starting from as little as £49.99 you will be hard pushed to find a better barbel rod at that price point.

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