Quick Change Lead Clips

Changing a hooklink with a leadclip has never been so easy, often having to add more items of end tackle to make the job easier. These Quick Change Lead Clips have been designed to make changing your hooklink a super-quick job, while still allowing ou to keep the properties of a lead clip rig! Simply hook on your rig, close the locking collar and pull this into the lead clip body. Nothing could be simpler.

  • Swap hooklinks in seconds
  • Available in camo green and camo brown to match different lakebeds
  • Creates a super-safe rig for many species
  • Complete with corresponding tail rubbers.

ALSO compatible with Korum Quickchange Swivels (Mini) or size 10 swivels when used without the quick-change plastic insert.



1. First thread on the tailrubber supplied.

2. Now thread on the outer chamber of the lead clip.

3. Tie your main line onto the inner quick-change adaptor.

4. Open up the locking collar and thread in your hooklink.

5. Nudge the locking collar closed to secure the hooklink.

7. Push the inner chamber into the outer lead clip body as shown till you get a firm, positive click.

8. Attach your lead, push on the tailrubber to a safe point and away you go.