Korum Fishing Videos

Using a Maxi Rig Board

Ade Kiddell's barbel rigs and rig preparation are second to none. Here's why.

Korum Chair Accessories

What makes the Korum Accessory Chair so special? Lots of things! Including our great range of accessories.

Korum Accessory Chairs

What makes a Korum Accessory Chair great? Lots of things. Here's why Ade Kiddell chooses it for his river fishing.

Andy Findlay - Accurate Casting

Andy Findlay shows you how to cast like him!

Fin's Favourite Rig

Andy Findlay shows you why he chooses the Korum CS Series hook

CS Series Hooks to Nylon

Nigel Botherway shows you why the CS Series hooks to nylon are so easy to choose from and fish with.

Catch Carp on Tough Days

Andy Findlay uses bright Band'ums and CS Series Power Band Hair Rigs. Here's why!

Boost Your Maggots

Ade Kiddell gives you the edge with maggots!

River Rigs with Ade Kiddell

The rig Ade uses to such great effect for barbel

Seaweed Hemp Trick

Ade Kiddell reveals his biggest ever hemp edge!

Best Baits For Barbel

Ade Kiddell reveals his favourite baits for big barbel

Andy Findlay's Method Mixing Tips

Mixing bait for the Method feeder is easy. Here's how top match angler Andy Findlay prepares his.